How It All Began

Tikitoro Story - How It All Began

A recommendation to apply magnesium oil on her body to supplement a Magnesium deficiency, got our Founder Prasanna Vasanadu thinking. Could something that was applied on the skin offset the deficiency in her?

As disconcerting as it was to realise how much her skin was faithfully absorbing products all these years, it was more so when similar products were being used by her growing child. While the safe baby products weren’t efficacious enough for her son’s age, the adult products were too harsh on his skin and hair.

As she searched for a safe and efficient product, she realized none fit the bill.

Tikitoro - Born Out Of A Need

Born Out Of A Need

It all started with a need and the fact that for a parent, there isn't much of a choice. Growing children were in a dire need of safe and efficient products that could clean, nourish and nurture them.

And thus began our mission: To create products that parents could allow their children to use, with confidence.

With an expert formulator on board, we consulted, brainstormed, tested and tweaked all the formulations in real time alongside a community of like-minded parents.

Passing Test

Passing The Tests
That Matters

All the products were subjected to the extremely stringent ‘Parent test'. Upon passing, they were submitted to the various international regulatory bodies for their testing and approval.

Today, all Tikitoro products are Australian Certified Toxic-Free and Allergy Certified by SCA, a safe and unbiased authority that certifies a product only when it passes its strict guidelines.

Giving Back

We Believe In
Giving Back

A safer planet for the future generation. All our packaging are completely recyclable. The team has also tied up with a large recycling plant to remove a ton of plastic from the environment every month.


Curated With Love For Your Little Ones

Curated With Love For Your Little Ones

All Tikitoro products are conceptualised and formulated keeping children at heart making it an ideal gift from the parents.