3 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Use Baby Products

Parenting is a fantastic experience, and you learn along the way. However, there are certain things that you absolutely cannot compromise on. One of these includes switching from baby care products to young child care products. 

While you may think it is okay to continue using baby products for your toddler, you may actually be doing more harm than good.

As your child grows up, they have unique skin care and hair care needs and require products that are specifically created for them.

Here are three reasons why kids shouldn’t use baby products.

1. Difference in skin

Babies aged 0-3 years have very thin skin and less number of elastic fibres. Their skin structure is underdeveloped and has very low resilience. This is why baby products are made with mild ingredients that are suited to their delicate skin.

The skin of children between the ages of 4 to 10 years is still thin, but it is thicker than a baby’s. So they required specially formulated products. Their skin is about 3-5 times thinner than adult skin.

Your kid’s skin structure is still developing but has medium to low resilience. Tikitoro’s Kids Nourishing Body Wash is made for your child’s sensitive skin with mild cleansing agents and contains soothing and moisturising agents as well, which aids in giving your child’s skin the best care it deserves.


2. Different pH levels

Our bodies have a pH level, and our pH levels change as we grow. The pH level of babies is alkaline when they are born and gradually decreases after a few hours. In contrast, children have a more acidic pH level.

If a personal care product has the wrong pH level, it can have adverse effects on your child’s well-being. It can lead to various skin-related problems like dry skin, rashes, acne, and eczema. Thus, it is crucial to maintain the pH level of their skin to avoid these skin problems.

To ensure that you give your baby the best care and nourishment, always opt for personal care products with the right pH balance suited for your kid.


3. Different hair structures

Both babies and children have thin hair, but their hair structures are very different. This is why kids need hair products that are suited to their hair type and structure. 

Knowing your child’s hair type is the first step in selecting the best kids’ hair products for them. Choosing the right hair care product ensures their hair grows healthy and strong.

This includes choosing a kid’s shampoo that has mild and gentle surfactants. It is even better if the shampoo is non-drying. Your kids also need a moisturising, nourishing conditioner that aids in de-tangling. 

Tikitoro’s Kids Conditioning Shampoo is perfect for your child’s dry, sensitive scalp. The ingredients contain mild cleansing agents, along with moisturising and strengthening actives.

We have created kid-specific hair care and body care products that cater to all their needs!

Our body-care and hair-care products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicon-free, endocrine disruptor-free, and free from all other nasties.

Do you have an active child at home? Then why not give Tikitoro a try? 

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