The Truth About Skincare: Change Takes Time

 What most people complain about their skin after switching to a new skincare product is that it’s either not  showing any visible signs of improvement or causing more damage to it than good.

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We must understand that every product works differently, depending on the skin type. Let’s try to understand the working of skincare choices rather than a particular product.

Is The Damage Really Done?

It is a common habit to buy a product, use it religiously for a week and toss it away because there are no visible results. 

The key to good skin that most of us already know is consistency. Using a product for a while and not getting any visible results is a good enough reason to change to a better alternative. But, most of the time, we are too quick to judge.

A product that worked for your friend may not work the same way for you. Think about it-  Your skin is different with its own set of needs and issues.

Let's say your primary skin concern is blemishes from acne. So, you buy a product with brightening properties that was recommended to you by a friend. They claimed to have gotten glowier skin after only a few days of application. But after a while of using it yourself, you do not experience any of these lightening benefits on your blemishes. What usually happens after this is that you toss the product immediately. 

But, what could have been the case is that the product’s brightening properties worked out well for your friend because their primary concern was simply dullness and not acne scars that usually take a long time to heal.  So the results don’t always depend upon the product, but rather, the skin type and/or concerns of each individual.

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But, not noticing any quick results isn’t the only reason for most people to misjudge a new product. Sometimes, a product may come across as doing more harm than good.

Like for example, you may notice that your acne issues have gotten worse after using a product that claims to help clear your skin up. 

In this case, it could be that your skin is purging.

What Is Purging?

To purge is to simply purify, clear or cleanse something.

When we switch to a different skincare product or introduce a new addition to our skincare routine, it is common to see an initial irritation, burning sensation or sometimes, even breakouts!

When you start a new skincare routine, your skin might go through a phase called 'purging'. This happens when you use ingredients that your skin isn't used to. During this time, you might get more pimples than usual.

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Skincare experts say that purging can take from 4-6 weeks.

So do not fret. It is a temporary and normal process. So, do not be quick to judge your skincare routine if you are still within the purging period.

Remember, it can get worse before it gets better.

We suggest parents to not judge a product too quickly, and pay attention to whether or not it's hurting their child's skin.t is extremely important to be mindful and well-informed about your children’s skincare.

That also means knowing the difference between purging and when the product is simply not for your skin.

The worsening of conditions like acne, often occur with the inclusion of actives in skincare products. To know the difference, let’s get into the understanding of how active ingredients work.

Active Ingredients

Active ingredients like AHA and BHA work out well for problematic skin types and are especially useful for issues such as acne.

However, they may not be well-suited for people who do not have sensitive or easily irritable skin.

Teenagers, especially, must be careful if they're introducing active ingredients to their routine. Going through various hormonal changes, teens usually end up falling victim to acne.

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Active ingredients can give quick results, but most of the time, the teen skin needs gentle care.

Teenagers should use safe, gentle, and natural products for their skin, especially if they've had breakouts for a long time that aren't getting better with treatment.

If you see your teen going through severe acne and irritation, please consult a dermatologist to formulate a treatment plan specific to your child.

So, that brings us to the final question.

How Do We Know It's Working?

A proper skincare routine may take a lot of trial and error before you finally perfect it. Most of the time, results take time. It may take up to 4 weeks to see visible results.

As we mentioned earlier, if you see your skin's condition get worse, you might be purging. However, if you are experiencing rashes, too much burning sensation or abnormal itching, tossing the new skincare product would be the wise option.

It is important to note that results take route when we consistently practise a routine. This means stable and strict morning and night-time routines.

To ensure you aren't doing more harm than good to your skin, it is wise to stick to products that are safe, gentle, natural and organic.

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The Tikitoro skincare range has specially formulated products best suited for kids and teenagers. Giving your skin a touch of tenderness with safe skincare options prevents the potential side effects often associated with harsh chemical-based products.

Don't worry. Your Tikitoro skincare routine has probably already started working its magic. Healthy results take time.

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