How is a cleanser different from a Face wash?

A Child's skin is very sensitive and delicate. It's important to choose the correct personal care products so that their skin is not harmed. 

Acne and mysterious pimples are common when hormones are raging, combined with environmental aggressors like sand and dirt, which leads their skin to take a big leap during their teenage years. 

Most kids & teenagers don't start taking care of their skin until they develop acne, by then they are already self-conscious about their looks. Washing the face regularly is necessary in order to maintain healthy-looking skin. Therefore it's best to get in the habit of doing it regularly from a young age.

Why is washing the face regularly important?

Did you know that your kid's face accumulates layers of bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dust, and dead skin cells over a single day? Your kid's skin has a lot on its plate if it has to cope with it on its own. Without regular facial cleansing, dirt and dead skin cells can build up on the skin which clogges pores and reduces the effectiveness of skincare products. This is where the role of face wash and cleansers comes into play.

What is a Cleanser?

A face cleanser is a product used to remove dirt and oil from the face.

Kids who are often exposed to dirt & the sun, accumulate oil and dirt that must be removed with a cleansing product.

Cleansers contain a surfactant, chemical, or natural compound that absorbs makeup, dirt, oil, and other impurities, which are then washed away during rinsing.

What is a Face Wash?

Facewash is a liquid form of a cleansing soap. Instead of using soap to cleanse our faces, many choose to use a face wash. It helps remove the build-up of oil and dirt more effectively. 

When the skin is cleansed too frequently, in contact with water or when it is subjected to harsh soaps, your kids skin's natural moisture is stripped leaving it vulnerable to dryness and irritation.

Facewash helps keep the skin refreshed without stripping away the dryness hence keeping it hydrated & glowing.

Differences between Face Wash and Cleanser

Face wash



Deep pore cleaning and removal of dead skin cells

Cleans the skin by removing any traces of oil, grime, or makeup.

Optimal for

Normal, oily, and mixed skin

All skin types


Typically, frothy conditions



Softer than a bar of soap on the skin

Milder than the average face wash


In the morning

In the night


Less hydrating.



Gel and foam are among the available forms

Cream, lotion, oil, and powder are formulations.


Needs to be rinsed

Rinse is optional, based on the product being used


Which One Is Best for Sensitive Skin?

  1. If your kid has oily, sensitive skin, he/she should use a face wash that contains compounds that helps close your pores and wash away any dirt or oil that has built up. The Face wash cleanses the skin without causing any itching or irritation.  Hence a face wash is highly recommended for oil-sensitive skins.
  2. The hydrating and refreshing effects of cleansers make them ideal for kids' dry, sensitive skin. It has hydrating properties that help soothe dry skin. Makeup wearers who are also exposed to pollutants should wash their skin regularly using cleansers.


Face Wash Vs Cleanser: Use

The optimal time to utilise every product depends on an individual's or kids' activity. Usually, face wash is recommended in the morning before daily activities as it deep cleans your skin.

Face cleansing is essential before sleeping. Cleansing the skin after a day in a dusty environment is necessary, it helps remove dirt and makeup before bed to refresh and cleanse the face properly as cleansers have hydrating properties too.

Majority of skin care products have their own pros and cons. However, face wash is one of the ones that have no harmful effects on the skin if used properly.


Face washes generate foam that moisturises, refreshes, and cleans. Facewash is a little harsher than cleansers as it doesn't quite hydrate the skin as much as a facial cleanser.

Cleansers don't foam. It helps with the removal of dirt and oil & Hydrates the skin.

Cleansers and face wash may be interchangeable but cleansers and soaps aren't.


Face wash is milder than standard bathing soap. Thus you may use it to clean debris from your kid's face after them spending time in a dusty environment.

Cleansers are milder than face wash and soap. Cleansers remove oils and foreign substances from a kid's face.


Smell has an essential impact on taste and preferences. Thus it's crucial to differentiate the two goods.

Cleansers often do not have a scent. However, face washes are scented and are available in a wide range of fruity and active variants.

Wrapping It Up

Face washes and cleansers remove oil, dirt, and other pollutants from your kids' skin, but their additional benefits depend on skin type and needs. Depending on your kids needs, you may even use both. We hope you won't get confused in the skincare section next time you want to purchase a face wash or cleanser!

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