Moisturisation: A Skincare Must For Kids And Teens

As our kids and teens navigate their years, their skin constantly is in the state of growth.

It's more important than ever to ensure they have a healthy skincare routine. But moisturisation is an often skipped step that is considered a lower priority.

We've got all the information you need to keep your children's skin looking its absolute best. From the benefits of keeping skin hydrated to the types of moisturisers that suit best for their skin, let's take a deep dive into the world of moisturisation!


Why Moisturise?

We know that moisturising helps keep the skin hydrated, which is crucial for overall skin health. 

When the skin is dehydrated, it can become dry, flaky, and prone to itching and irritation. This can be especially problematic for kids and teens who have sensitive skin. By regularly moisturising, damage can be prevented.

It is also vital to consider children and teenagers with skin concerns such as eczema or acne that require more moisturisation than those with normal skin. 

A common misconception is that kids and teens with oily skin should avoid moisturisation as it makes their skin oilier. Instead, they opt for products that strip the skin away of its natural oils.


Here's what happens when you skip moisturisation on acne-prone skin.

The main factor responsible for teen acne is the overproduction of sebum in the skin. So, not moisturising the skin ends up drying the skin barrier. In response to this, the skin produces more sebum to counter its dehydration, which, in turn, causes more acne. 

No matter what skin type your child has, it is essential to teach them the importance of moisturisation and help develop it as a healthy habit that must be practised daily. This not only teaches them responsibility in terms of their self-care but also prevents skin problems from arising later on in their lives.

Better Protection

Did you know that moisturisation can counter the environmental factors that have damaged the skin barrier? 

Moisturising is an excellent way to help protect the skin. For example, harsh weather conditions with the wind, sun, and cold air can cause the skin to turn dry and chapped. Moisturising helps to form a barrier between the skin and the environment, which helps to protect it from damage.

Regular moisturising when the skin is young can help prevent the signs of ageing later in life.

You read that right.

When the skin is hydrated, it appears plumper and smoother, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Regular moisturisation can also help to improve skin elasticity, which can keep it looking young and healthy!


When to Moisturise?

Moisturising is best done twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. 

This will help ensure the skin stays hydrated and protected throughout the day. It is also important to moisturise after bathing or showering to avoid dehydration.


However, the frequency of moisturisation will depend on the individual needs of each child or teen. 

For those with dry skin, it may be necessary to moisturise several times a day, while those with oily skin may only need to moisturise once a day. 

Additionally, the climate and weather conditions can also affect the frequency of moisturisation. For example, when the air is drier during the winter months, it may be necessary to moisturise more frequently.

What Moisturisers are Best for Kids and Teens?

When choosing a moisturiser for kids and teens, it is crucial to consider its ingredients and whether it's safe and gentle on their skin. 

For kids and teens, it is best to choose a moisturiser that is free of fragrances, dyes, parabens and other harsh chemicals. This will help to reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

Additionally, look for moisturisers that contain natural ingredients and are deemed safe by the FDA. 

Tikitoro helps teens and kids combat their early skin concerns with a holistic approach. We believe natural is the right way for any personal care product, especially for younger generations.


Our moisturisers are FDA-approved and deemed safe for all skin types. 

Join the Tikitribe's mission. With better research and our range of products, find your kids' and teens' skin healthy, nourished, and glowing for years to come. 

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