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Adolescence is a rather trying period for growing kids as it puts them through a lot of physical, psychological and emotional changes and challenges.

The changes manifest themselves in myriad ways in the body, including the scalp and hair.

Intense hormonal changes can cause hair fall, dandruff, itchiness, oiliness, dryness etc.

These, in turn, can take their toll on the fragile psyche of 'teenhood', creating embarrassment and eroding the self confidence of evolving minds.

Use of regular hair styling products, an oily scalp and product build up can trigger the fungus Malassezia globosa, that occurs naturally on the scalp, making it break down the scalp oil into acidic molecules that cause scalp irritation.

In defense, the scalp, in turn, multiplies its cells in an attempt to shed the irritants. These excess cells form visible flakes called dandruff.

Since hormones that are active during adolescence can increase such dandruff causing oiliness, adolescence itself becomes troublesome.

On the other hand, too little of oil secretion too can cause itching, flaking and irritation.  Frequent washing can also deplete natural scalp oil and lead to scalp problems in addition to making the hair look dull and lifeless, with split ends.

The scalp and hair, as a result, need a lot of help and care during this tumultuous period. A proper haircare routine, guided by parents, offers gargantuan help in such testing times.

This is where our Tikitoro teens comes into play, addressing the various concerns of both parents and children, for Tikitoro products are,

  • Gentle: The mild yet effective products are gentle on the scalp and hair, without drying or stripping the natural sebum, are free from harsh chemicals and suited for everyday use.
  • Anti-microbial: The anti-microbial ingredients help manage the dandruff-causing fungus and provides relief from itching and flaking.
  • Cleansing & clarifying: The deep-cleansing actives sloughs off the excess dead cells on the scalp and clear the built-up products, leaving the scalp refreshed and clean. It also helps in restoring the scalp's pH balance.
  • Conditioning: The carefully chosen ingredients form a protective layer around the hair strands, keeping the hair soft and smooth. It provides frizz control and reflective shine.
  • Moisturizing: The natural blend of actives prevents water loss from the hair and locks its natural moisture. The moisture-boosting ingredients coat the hair strands and control split-ends.
  • Nourishing: As an added protection, the antioxidant-rich formula guards the hair against damaging chemicals and toxic irritants. It also nurtures the hair follicles, improves hair strength, and reduces hair fall due to breakage.
  • Soothing: The anti-inflammatory potential calms and rejuvenates the itchy, irritated scalp. It also offers instant, long-lasting relief from redness and rashes.
Meet the Author 

Dr. Priya Nethaji has a professional doctorate in Pharmacy. She loves experimenting with skincare products and does extensive research for safe products

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