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Watching the hair bounce about as kids jump in joy or the cute bangs covering their charming foreheads are blissful sights to behold. Who does not enjoy running their fingers through the feathery soft, silky smooth hair of a kid? But wait! What about the tantrum party they through when detangling their delicate hair or worse, if the hair is not set right for the birthday party? How to protect and manage their natural hair, is a question that bothers most parents. Well, the hair is a sensitive structure and undergoes many changes throughout its lifetime.

A baby born with straight hair can have tightly curled hair in the later part of life. Likewise, someone with blonde hair may grow to have brown hair as an adult. There is no telling! Not just it, the hair type varies from one person to another in terms of texture, volume, density, color, elasticity, and even changes with age in the same person.

Usually, the hair is thin and sparse in infants and as they grow into toddlers, the hair follicles and strands are more developed and mature. According to studies, the baby's hair texture changes drastically until the age of two. By the time they are ready to start school, the hair is thick, fully grown like adults, and at its best. However, it is also the time where the real concern begins for parents, as the growing kids are more exposed to pollutants, toxins, and other external factors that affect their delicate hair.

Choosing the best hair products that suit the needs is a tough choice in general and when it comes to your kid, the choice is much harder, given the safety concern. The ‘Tikitoro kids’ hair care products are certified by Australian Certified Toxic-Free,Allergy Certified by SCA,Made Safe,Vegan,Cruelty-Free ,FDA Approved and is mild, ideal for all hair types, and most importantly, free from harmful chemicals. The scientifically proven formula consists of natural and safe actives that are,

  • Gentle: The mild, plant-based surfactants gently cleanse the thin, delicate hair without stripping the natural oil in the scalp while effectively removing the dirt, pollutants, sweat, and grime.
  • Conditioning: The antioxidant-rich actives gently form a protective coat over the hair strands and keep the hair smooth and shiny. The power-packed ingredients deeply hydrate the hair strands and tame frizzy, dry hair.
  • Strengthening: The nourishing ingredients are loaded with proteins and vitamins that nurture the hair strands from the roots and strengthen the damage-prone hair while supporting its growth. 
  • Soothing: The pH-balanced formula does not irritate the sensitive scalp and gently washes the built-up dirt and grime. The natural actives soothe the itchy, irritated scalp and balance its natural quality.
  • Moisturizing: The moisture-boosting actives, attract and seal the moisture in the scalp. In addition, it prevents excess water loss through the tender scalp and prevents dryness and flakiness in the scalp.
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Dr. Priya Nethaji has a professional doctorate in Pharmacy. She loves experimenting with skincare products and does extensive research for safe products

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