Back To School Teen Glow Up Routine With Tikitoro

It's that time of the year again.  You’ve got to put an end to your thrilling vacay summer days and start getting busy again. 

And since you’re preparing to take on this new academic year by a storm, why not kick-start the school year with a fabulous glow up routine that will have you looking and feeling your best? 

In this blog post, we'll dive into the quickest back-to-school glow up routine to help you unleash your natural radiance. So let's get started!

Start with a Clean Slate

skin care products

You’re back from a great summer vacation and you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes in your body and skin this time. This is only natural!

The adolescent period can make you feel as though the products that you’ve been using before aren’t working out for you anymore. As you continue to grow older, the products you used before may not still be well-suited for your hair and skin.

Trust us, we get it. Your hair and skin is maturing with you so it’s very important that you pick the right products for yourself. 

You’re growing older now and you do not need to rely on just your parents’ for everything, especially when it comes to your bodily changes. At this phase of your life, it’s very important that you begin to take notice of what works well for your hair and skin and what doesn’t. 

Remember, being informed about what you put on your body is empowering. 

But don’t worry, guys. To make it easier for you, we’ve curated a very special range of products that can help you get started. All of these are made of natural, safe and effective ingredients and are free from any harmful chemicals.

Keep rocking your awesome self, stay educated, and enjoy your Tikitoro glow up journey!

Step 1: The Right Hair Oil

Hair oil for teens

It all starts with oiling your hair the night before your big day. 

We know most of you probably hate this step. 

But here’s the thing. We know you would love to try out a bunch of hair-dos every single day. And that’s amazing! But if you’re going to be doing that, you’re going to want to keep an eye on any hair damage or roughness. This can ruin your entire morning routine and make your first day also a bad-hair day. Yikes!

So be sure to oil your hair at least every 1 week to keep your strands soft and easy to work with throughout the school year! 

And if you really hate the stickiness and smell of hair oil, we have something that will be just perfect!

Our Nourishing Hair Oil is non-sticky, light-weight and smells like flowers. We’ve made this with Bhringa, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, and Castor oil to help strengthen your strands, condition your scalp and promote your hair growth. 

So now you’re already a step ahead for your big day tomorrow!

Step 2: The Right Shampoo

Start off your big day with a bang!

Shampoo for kids

The hair oil worked its magic all night and your hair is ready to be rinsed. Now it comes down to understanding what your main hair problem is. 

Is it an issue with roughness and frizz? Or is it dandruff-related issues like a dry and itchy scalp?

After you’ve understood your main hair problem, it’s time to find a shampoo that can fix it within a single wash. Well luckily, we have options for both these hair problems. 

Our Conditioning Shampoo is ideal for teenagers with frizzy, dry, rough and brittle hair. It is a gentle blend of Hibiscus, Rice Protein and Greater Burdock to prevent your strands from any breakage while keeping your hair soft and scalp nourished.

Our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, on the other hand, focuses mainly on your scalp. Loaded with Aloe Vera, Provitamin B5, Hibiscus and Rice Protein, it eliminates dandruff in a single wash, prevents hair-fall and gives you relief from any flakiness and itchiness. 

If you’re not sure about which is your main hair concern, we recommend you use both shampoos alternatively. 

Now that your hair game is sorted, let’s move right ahead to your skin!

Step 3: Refreshing Face Wash

A fresh and invigorating shower is the perfect way to begin your school day.

Face wash for kids

Yes, we know you’d rather just continue to be in the covers till 12pm and hit the beach. But hey, it’s time to get serious, and we don’t mean with just your grades. 

Luckily for you, this step is going to wake you up from your Monday blues instantly!

Our Refreshing Face Wash cleanses and purifies your face with Neem extracts. Its rich foam feels amazing over your skin, especially when you’ve just woken up! This Face Wash deep cleanses, purifies, moisturises, softens and restores skin with the benefits of Aloe Vera and Matcha Green Tea. 

Now that you’re fully awake and refreshed, it’s time to put on your official shower playlist for a nourishing body rinse!

Step 4: The Right Body Wash

As a teenager, your skin is prone to more hormonal-related issues and may need some extra care sometimes. So it’s very important that you choose gentle skincare but also keep in mind its effectiveness. 

Baby or Kid products may be gentle for your skin but maybe not as effective as before anymore since your skin is maturing.

Our Nourishing Body Wash gently cleanses your skin without stripping away its natural oils. Packed with moisturising and exotic ingredients like Fuji Green Tea, Moringa, Kokum Butter, Pink Dragon Fruit, and White Turmeric, it offers deep hydration and makes you skin super soft!

Body wash for kids and teens

And if you’re someone who has concerns with body odour and dull skin, our Vitalizing Body Wash would be the better pick for you. 

This Body Wash is loaded with the revitalising benefits of Mandarin Orange Peel and antioxidant-rich blueberries. It takes care of your delicate skin, helps retain the necessary moisture, and keeps odour at bay.

Body wash for kids and teens

Here’s a pro tip. Once you’ve stepped out of the shower, PAT DRY your skin with a soft towel. Rubbing your skin can cause irritation, redness and skin damage, especially if it’s already sensitive.

Let’s move onto the next step!

Step 5: The Right Body Lotion

Moisturising is a step that changes your skincare game. 

Your skin is soft and nourished (especially after those Body Wash picks above) but you want to make sure you lock in the moisture. 

So add some extra moisturisation to your skin with our Hydrating Body Lotion. 

It combines the goodness of Shea Butter to reduce Transepidermal Water Loss in the body. 

One thing about picking a moisturiser is that it shouldn’t feel heavy, sticky or greasy over your skin. 

And that’s why this lotion is absolutely non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and has Kashmiri Saffron and Sea Buckthorn in it, which is great in giving your skin a healthy glow!

Step 6: The Right Sunscreen

You may or may not have heard of this before. But Sun Protection is the MVP of a great skin care routine. 

All that work you put into your routine would be a waste if the sun simply destroys your skin within minutes! 

So it’s very important that you protect your skin before stepping outdoors, no matter what the season.

Our Mineral Sunscreen is your ally in shielding your skin from harmful UV rays. With a broad-spectrum SPF, this lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaving behind no white cast. 

And it's perfect for daily wear, whether you’re navigating the school halls or enjoying any outdoor games!

beauty care products

Also, be sure to apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure!

And that brings you to the end of your skin and hair glow-up routine. While this routine is great to start off your day, it’s also important you keep in mind that a glow-up can be extra rewarding if you also focus on yourself within.

So make sure that you’re staying hydrated, getting your beauty sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, moving your body and staying active!

Beyond Beauty

With Tikitoro's safe and natural range of personal care products, you can get on your back-to-school journey with a radiant glow! Tikitoro has everything you need to create a personalised glow-up routine that enhances your natural beauty in these crucial years. 

Remember, self-care is not just about looking good but feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

Note: Tikitoro not only cares about your skin but also the planet we call home. We are  committed to sustainability and minimising our environmental impact. 

We are proud to be a cruelty-free brand, meaning no products or ingredients are tested on animals. We believe in kindness towards all living creatures. We also source our ingredients responsibly, ensuring fair trade practices and supporting local communities.

Face wash for kids

Now that you have all the information you need about Tikitoro's safe and natural products, it's time to unlock your back-to-school glow up! Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty while keeping your skin and hair healthy.

So we say this again, with this academic year starting, prioritise hydration, your beauty sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise to complement your Tikitoro routine. 

With a little love and care, you'll rock that back-to-school glow like never before! So, why wait? Join the Tikitoro Glow Up Tribe today and let your natural radiance shine through! 

Here's to an amazing school year filled with confidence, self-expression, and of course, glowing skin.

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